Cheshire Homes Durban

Change the way you see disability

Photo of Cheshire Homes founder - Leonard Cheshire

History Globally

Leonard Cheshire, from whom the organization's name derives, was a bomber pilot in the Second World War. After his war experiences, Leonard Cheshire felt a strong need to validate his life, and was drawn to the idea of service to others.

It was only in 1948 that it started to take concrete form – and then by chance. Leonard heard of a fellow service man, terminally ill, who was in dire straits, with no family, no means, and nowhere to go.

Leonard took him in and cared for Arthur until his death. From such a small and unplanned beginning was the world wide Cheshire organization to grow. Today there are Cheshire organizations and Homes all over the world.

History of Cheshire Homes Durban

This home was opened in 1971 by a pioneering group of concerned persons led by Professor F.G.H. Mayet who recognised the dire need for such a Home in the disadvantaged area of Chatsworth. Her experience as a medical doctor at the King Edward Hospital revealed the appalling situation of people with severe disabilities, languishing in hospitals without having anywhere to go.

With relevant renovations and additions to a farmer’s old home, which was leased from the Durban Municipality, a home for disabled residents was started. However, over the years we have seen over a thousand residents passing through our doors.